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Singing and Dancing for Sugar and Vice

Singing and Dancing for Sugar and Vice

The Invite

As with any company, once you set up shop, you need to start doing some singing and dancing in order to get noticed. That usually comes in the form of a press release for the media moguls and a swanky company launch for the non-media moguls. Both offer a fantastic opportunity for those behind the brand to meet those on the opposite side –offering them the lowdown on the who, what, where, why and when of the company.

Our experiences with press releases have not been a good one: dull, boring and lacking any sense of life, the ones we have received tend to end up in the junk inbox quicker than it will take you to finish reading this sentence. Creativity is our bread and butter, and we just love to do things differently, so when it came to putting our own press release together, we couldn’t help letting the creative rhymes flow. See what you think?  

Sugar and Vice Home Decor launch

The Launch

We had ours on Wednesday 19th November 2014

This was our chance to put Sugar and Vice on the map and we were not going to do things by half. Neither were we going to book out a typically unexciting hotel or club as it was important that our launch symbolised everything that is Sugar and Vice. Oozing bucket loads of charisma and centrally located in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, I Love My Laundry fitted the bill perfectly - a small yet original and special place,

A midweek date was chosen to give those attending a break from the weekly routine and the mother of all guest lists (quite literally as long as the N2) was drawn up. From suppliers and manufacturers to family, potential customers, the media, best friends, good friends and total strangers, everyone and anyone was welcome to enjoy an evening of complimentary wine, delicious cupcakes and lots and lots of fun.  

The Launch Invite

Sugar and Vice Home Decor launch

Here's some photos of the launch.  You can look at all the photos of the launch here.

Sugar and Vice Home Decor launchSugar and Vice Home Decor launchSugar and Vice Home Decor launchSugar and Vice Home Decor launch

Thank you for Chow Thyme Catering for making the delicious red velvet cupcakes and for the Mirra Photography for the photos.

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