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International Origami Day

International Origami Day

The word origami comes from a combination of two Japanese words; ori which means folding and kami which means paper. The art form originated in Japan in the 6th century and was initially preserved for religious ceremonies only but by the 17th century, origami had become popular in mainstream Japanese society - used for decorative and ceremonial purposes. In recent years it has enjoyed escalating popularity around the world, with origami societies and competitions springing up all over including The US, Europe, Australia, Italy, and China as well as the British Origami Society which was the first association, founded in London in 1967. [source]

There have also been numerous entries for origami in the Guinness Book of World Records including most folds, smallest, biggest, fastest time for folding 100 cranes, and many more.

Today we are celebrating this unique art by releasing this cute Origami Bear design with the quote: “Bear with me”. We have the Coffee Mug with this design, ideal gift for anyone who you know that loves to try their hand at some paper creations.

Just because we love our customers, just as much as we love origami, we are offering a 20% introductory discount till Friday 13 November 14:00. Use promo code: bearwithme


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