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A is for Anita… also for Amazing Admin Assistant

A is for Anita… also for Amazing Admin Assistant

Meet Anita. She’s the newest member to the Sugar & Vice team. Her superpowers are organising and being a whizz at admin!

 Get to know Anita interview

  1.  Which flavour of ice-cream do you prefer?

No brainer. Chocolate. 

  1.    What is your favourite electronic device?

My TV so I can watch series like a couch potato

  1.     Are you ticklish?

Only sometimes and in certain places… hahaha

  1.    What is your favourite all-time movie?

Notting Hill and Pretty Woman I can watch repeatedly, but most recently it has been Me Before You. (we think she probably likes Julia Roberts :))

  1.    Can you change a tyre?

No I cannot and I am dreading the day that I am in a situation where I have to.

  1.    Where is the farthest you have ever travelled?

I have been to Thailand for holiday with my family.

  1.    What is your favourite fruit?

Clementine naartjies from Woolworths, they are addictive! (And healthy!)

  1.    Do you know how to iron your clothes?

I do know how I just don’t do it as often as I should. (Don’t worry Anita, we think ironing is overrated!)

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