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Free Heritage Day bunting download and DIY

Free Heritage Day bunting download and DIY

We made some bunting for you with the South African flag, which you can use to decorate your home with on Heritage day. It takes about 15 minutes to make or even less if you have some helpers to assist with cutting out the flags.
I placed 3 x flags on an A4 size paper, so you can decide how many you would like to print. I printed 4 x sheets @ R5 each.

Free bunting download DIY

Heritage Day bunting DIY

Time: 15 mins

You will need:

4 x printed Heritage Day bunting A4 sheets

Pair of scissors


3 meters of string

Free bunting download DIY


1.) Cut out the flags

2.) Punch 2 x holes in every flag close to the edges as seen below

Free bunting download DIY

3.) Pull the string through the punched holes of every flag, but make sure the loop is at the back of the flag

4.) Space the flags out so that you have an even amount of string on both sides.

5.) Hang up your bunting in the desired place

Have a beautiful Heritage Day and please upload your creations to social media using #sugarandviceheritageday, we would love to see it!

Free bunting download DIY

Download the free Heritage Day bunting download here:

Download our Heritage Day bunting DIY




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