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About Sugar & Vice
Sugar & Vice is the brainchild of Natalie Van Dijk (nee Vice). She always knew two things: that she wanted to run her own business and that she wanted to incorporate her creative talents into this business. The impetus to make this happen eventually came in the form of her retrenchment from a comfortable marketing job in 2014. Rather than acknowledge defeat, Natalie saw this as an opportunity to reinvent herself and make that business idea happen!

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She became a mother in 2018 and decided to pursue her marketing career after her maternity leave came to an end. She still operated Sugar & Vice as a side hustle, while working full time. In May 2020 she was retrenched once again just before her second child was born. This was due to the global Corona 19 pandemic, which caused plenty of people to lose their jobs.

Natalie was grateful to have Sugar & Vice to bounce back to and instead of hunting for another job, she decided to put all her energy and expertise into her business. Her mission was to grow the Sugar & Vice Lifestyle range, but she also wanted to put her 11 years of marketing experience to use and so Sugar & Vice Marketing Boutique was born.

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About Sugar & Vice Lifestyle
Sugar & Vice Lifestyle is a curated collection of quirky, high-quality gifts. The illustrations that appear on the product collections are inspired by South Africa, Minimalism, being a Woman, a Wife, a Mother, and a Friend.

Sugar & Vice was started without any funding, handouts, or loans. Instead, Natalie van Dijk relied on tenacity, hard work, and an uncompromising commitment to her vision to build the brand.

Natalie Van Dijk Owner Sugar and Vice
About Sugar & Vice Marketing Boutique
Natalie is a highly experienced self-motivated individual with over 11 years’ track record in brand management, marketing, graphic design, and product development. As we know, the best experience comes from tackling tasks first hand, as she has by running her own business for the past 6 years. Wearing the hat as director, social media expert, marketer, designer, web developer and many more has given her the combination of a bird’s eye view and attention to detail which is a very rare skill.

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Now she is using the wealth of knowledge and skills gained to add value to exciting brands. She plans and executes online marketing campaigns and strategic brand communications in order to reach a business’s objectives. Video might have killed the radio star, but digital is the platform that ultimately reigns supreme today. Your brand can’t afford to not be online and on social media. Don’t agonise – delegate!

Read more about her process, rates, and experience here.

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