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Decorate your Life with Sugar and Vice

WHEN the standard high-street commodities no longer tickle your fancy, it’s time to start wishing and wanting original and really cool home decor that is made with ingenuity, passion and attention to detail. S&V is the baby of Natalie Vice, WHO has an innate artistic fever, creating captivating illustrations by hand and transforms them into stunning digital prints.  The opportunity to decorate (or redecorate) your life is WHAT S&V is all about and our online shop lets people the world over come together, shop and enjoy. S&V is a place WHERE vintage meets nouveau, pretty meets practical and tattoos meet with teapots. Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship is WHY S&V is not only handmade but proudly South African. 

SUGAR AND VICE manufactures and sells really cool and original home decor for the house-proud. Each and every product is made from quality material, locally sourced and manufactured so you can decorate your life with proudly South African home decor products.  

Sugar and Vice doodles

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